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About ME

Steven is a New York City based actor and a recent graduate from NYU.


Originally from the Parisian area, he moved to New York several years ago to pursue a double major in Politics and Acting at NYU. During his time at NYU, he studied at the Stella Adler Studio, the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and Stonestreet Studio. He was able to flex his linguistic skills abroad in Abu Dhabi and explore new kinds of theater that helped enrich his worldview.  His multi-cultural background allows Steven to jump at any opportunity to pick up a new accent or language and immerse himself in a wonderful new world.

He is now pursuing his passion as an actor, working on comedic projects, exploring the country and always having a good laugh by the end of the day!





Deadliest Decade: The 1990s                    Allen Schindler (principal)                  Dir. Bill Kerr


L’Impasse                                                     David                                                     Dir. Andreas Rommel

165 Starr                                                      Robbie                                                   Dir. Thomas Moore

White                                                             Alex                                                       Dir. Claire Li

Inaction                                                         Steven                                                   Dir. Justin Scholar

#Ohmybobst                                                 Eric                                                        Dir. Steven Moity (Stonestreet Studios)         



Hell Upon the High Seas                             Ethan                                                   Dir. Julia Genoveva
Dead On Arrival                                            Harry/Detective Lewis                      Dir. Matt Benincasa
Slumming It                                                  Kid Candy                                            Dir. Jack Shamblin
Forbidden                                                     Trevor                                                  Dir. Tom Hausher and Rick Charles Mueller
Misty’s Plan                                                  Understudy Rob/male posse            Dir. Samantha Samant/Thespis Festival




New York University, Tisch, BFA in Drama and Politics (May 2016)

Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Master class (James Tripp)

Movement (Joan Evans)

Character (Elizabeth Parrish)

Adler technique (Ron Burrus & Paula Stevens)

Shakespeare scene study (Angela Vitale)

The Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute

Method (Irma Sandrey & Robert Ellerman)

Character (Lola Cohen)

Camera acting (Tim Martin Crouse)

Stonestreet Film & TV Studio

Audition/ Business of Acting (Ted Sluberski & Vance Barber)

Scene (Ashlin Halfnight & Gary O.Bennet)

Level 101 (Chelsea Clarke), Level 201 (Sean Casey)
Level 101 (Jason Scott Quinn), Level 201 (Chris Booth)





Bilingual in French and English, conversational in German and Spanish

Dialects (British RP, Irish, French).



Piano, violin, singing (baryton-intermediate), Dance (beginner’s ballet and hip hop)



Public speaking (Model United Nations), Stage combat, Improvisation,Valid US passport. Can ride a bicycle, Gollum & Stitch impression, Scary impression of Kayako’s The Grudge walk, Birthday party clown/magician (balloon animals, guns etc.)



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